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Hello People! I am Aditi Basu, the Chief Content Editor for India casino info.

Role: Chief Editor

Industry Experience: 5 years in the gaming industry

About Me:

Aditi is a content creator and has been working in the website development and content industry for the last 15 years. Born in a small city in India, Aditi finished her education and soon started working as a content writer for a reputed website development company. It was during this course of time that she also worked as an informative content creator for genuine iGaming websites that helped her persuade and play online games herself. And soon, she worked her way up for more senior roles as a lead copywriter and later as a Content Manager.

With every passing year, her experience and knowledge in the field increased and evolved which helped her work with many companies in India and abroad. She understands the importance of good content and how it can help users find the correct answers to all their queries. And this is why she has been closely working on providing only genuine content to all users who wish to indulge into legit online gaming and gambling sites.

In her free time, she finds her solace in reading books, solving puzzles and playing field games with her kids.

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