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jenish Jenish Patel

Hello People! I am Jenish Patel, the Head specialist for India casino Info

Role: Head Specialist

Industry Experience: 9 years in the gaming industry

About Me:

Work and Play are the two most important things for Jenish, the Head Specialist at India Casino Info. Jenish is the head of this informative platform that offers you genuine content, playing guide and tips about the best online gaming platforms. And being the head, it is entirely his work to make sure that every content written in India Casino Info’s website is helpful and legit for the users. With almost 9 years of experience in the iGaming world, Jenish has vast knowledge about the various games, their tricks and their drawbacks.

Growing up playing the enticing video games and online card games, Jenish has a special fascination for Casino games that have become more of a trend across the world in the recent times. This fascination increased after he visited the casinos in Goa. And in order to help all other gamers choose the right games and learn the important tricks to win, Jenish makes sure that every content in the website is legit, updated and truthfully designed to help the gamers gain as much knowledge as possible about their favourite games.

During his free time when he is not playing online games, Jenish loves to spend his time cooking delicacies and working out.

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