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prateek imagePrateek Patel

Hello People! I am Prateek Patel, the Online Casino Export at for India casino Info

Role:  Data Analyst

Industry Experience: 7 years in the gaming industry

About Me:

Prateek works as the data analyst and fact checker for India Casino Info. His main work is to cross-check the articles, game reviews and gaming guides that are published on the platform. With 7 years of experience in the gaming and content industry, Prateek is the ideal guy for the work.

His relation with the gaming world goes way back to his early school days where he developed his fascination for the early video games and later, online games. His fascination for online gaming led him to try his hand on Casino games whenever he got the chance to visit casinos in Goa and abroad. This gave him better knowledge about the online casino games and slot machines.

With his extended knowledge and experience, he worked closely to check the gaming tips and guides written for India Casino Info to help gamers like him get legit, true and correct knowledge about the various games. The main aim of India Casino Info is to simply help gamers get the right knowledge about the online gaming industry.

Apart from working as a content analyst and fact checker, Prateek is a fitness enthusiast who loves to cycle and workout.

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