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Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is in the heart and soul of every Indian, so it is no wonder that Cricket betting is getting immense popularity in India. Online cricket betting is in India doesn’t come under any law, and thus it is completely legal and safe.

However, any game of betting has certain risks which can only be subdued with adequate basic knowledge of the game. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best free cricket betting tips to help you win a big prize on your next bet.

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Cricket Betting Tips

Learn The Basics Of Cricket Betting

You can’t succeed in putting a smart bet without knowing the game of cricket and its rules inside out. So, the first thing you need to do is understand the game of cricket from the core.

Now, you may already know the basic rules of cricket as it is such a famous game in India, but that doesn’t mean your knowledge is deep enough to guess the outcomes of a match. Therefore, you have to learn everything in detail.

Assess The Situation

There are many factors on which the outcome gets influenced. A common aspect is the weather condition. So, when you want to bet on any match, be aware of the weather conditions of the stadium. Rainfall—be it heavy or light—can have a major influence on the outcomes of the match.

Another important deciding factor is the location of the tournament. Take, for example, Sri Lanka, which receives a high rainfall annually compared to other places.

So, if it rains throughout the match and the pitch is wet, then the chances of the match being drawn are higher. Whereas in a country like England, the sunset occurs later, so the chances of the match being continued are higher.

Focus On The Pitch

The physical elements of the venue have an immense impact on match outcome, so it is essential to be aware of the pitch where the match is being played. The grass and the soil type can also influence the outcomes of the match.

The grip of the cricket players is also one of the factors that will decide the team’s performance. A nice flat pitch is essential for good batting performance. So keep an eye on these things to minimize your risk and place a smart bet.

Analyze The Performance Of The Player And Teams

Do not place a bet with emotions and instead focus on the skill and performance of the player. You would already have some idea if you regularly follow the cricket, but it is important to know everything in optimum detail.

Which cricketer do you think will be the best player? Who is an all-rounder? Which bowler will take how many wickets? Knowing all these things can help you get a good idea about how the overall team will perform and also bet on other markets like the man of the match, etc.

Many different websites provide you online cricket tips, which provide the past performance details of the players and teams. Generally, if the match is being played in the home country of a participating team, then it is likely that team will win.

Do not judge the outcome of a match just from the beginning, as cricket is an interesting game, and the tables can turn anytime! So, be very smart about your choices.

Cricket Betting Types

Once you’re clear about the game of cricket, learn about the different types of betting markets. This step is very crucial for being a successful player.

You can know about this in further detail from betting sites offering the best cricket betting tips. Here are some of the common cricket betting markets that every bettor should be aware of:

Match Betting

Perhaps, it is the most popular type of cricket wagering. The goal is to accurately predict who among the two teams will win a single game within a Tournament or Series Challenge, including an ODI or a single match.

The odds are calculated so that a prevailing favorite pays less than even value, while a victorious underdog pays more than 1-to-1. If the announced outcome is a tied match, cricket wagering markets are usually deemed void.

In addition, unless 20 overs are already finished, wagers on such games may be ruled void. Match betting is sometimes known as “To Win the Match” Or “Match Odds.”

Outright Winner

In this, we have to predict which team will win the entire tournament. It is a common form of betting for many major tournaments and leagues like the ICC Champions Trophy, Cricket World Cup, and IPL. Out of so many teams, selecting one team that will win the tournament is a difficult job.

There are many potential winners if you look at the records of each team. This is why the bet provides generous profit. Many websites offer regular updates and tips on cricket betting, including IPL betting tips to help you wager wisely.

One trick that you can use to win is to wager on the top two or three teams to win a reward no matter which team wins the tournament.

Win Toss

This wager, like all proposition betting, has no bearing on whichever team wins after a game season or event. Rather, the aim is to estimate which team may win the coin toss at the beginning of a game. The odds provided are commonly 10/11 on both sides, guaranteeing the bookies a reasonable profit if the game is balanced instead of actual odd.

Odd or Even Run Scores

The goal is to properly predict if a team’s total run total throughout a game will yield an even or odd score. Zero is considered even in this market. The wager may appear to be a win-win situation. However, the odds remain generally 10/11.

First Innings Betting

Another even/odd bet, although this one is restricted to the overall points after the first innings.

Match Scores

It is a bet on how many runs a team would have scored by completing a specific game. Instead of betting on a precise number of runs, like 172, most bets are placed on a spectrum of runs, such as 170 to 180. Match scores are difficult to predict. Thus the odds are stacked against you.

Toss Combination

This wager adds a whole new dimension to the bet of win toss by enabling the player to specify if the chosen side will bowl or bat first, as well as greater odds. To succeed and earn a reward, both parts of the wager have to be accurate.

Winner Of The Series

Series like the “Ashes” played between Australia and England is hugely popular among cricket fans. It is a five-match series, and your aim will be picking the team which will when the series. Hundreds of websites provide you free cricket betting tips and updates on the latest matches, which you can use to access your odds.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

  • Keep yourself updated with all the information possible from different sites.
  • Never drink and bet. A sober mind is essential to make wise decisions.
  • Do not let your emotions overtake your logical thinking. Just because a team is your favorite does not mean that it is a good one to wager on.
  • Always start with a smaller amount. Do not wager with all your savings in the beginning. Start slowly and increase gradually as you become more confident in your skill.
  • Do not think of cricket betting as a way to become rich. Think of it as a fun game for cricket fans with some adventure to it. If you have a problematic attitude towards this game, developing a wagering addiction will be more likely. Gambling addiction can be harmful, be it online or offline so always use your wisdom to handle such a situation.


These were some of the main cricket betting tips that should help you place a smart bet. There are several national and international matches to bet on. Keep an eye on these websites to know about the probabilities and learn to bet properly.

Always have a sober mind and think logically by analyzing the situation properly before betting. Today, cricket betting tips are available on many websites which can help you with this task. To become more efficient in your game, you can start earning good money from online cricket betting.