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Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Online Casino Industry in India

covid 19 and casino in india 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact worldwide. There is practically no area that is not affected by the Covid-19. One of the most affected areas was the gambling industry. However, the industry is one of the few that has both suffered and benefited from this crisis. While land-based casinos had to close nationwide in the wake of the pandemic, online casinos experienced major growth.

This unexpected growth can be explained in many ways. Due to a lockdown imposed on Indian citizens, people were unable to go to land-based casinos. This left the people with only one choice: to gamble online. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Indian players used to visit the areas where gambling was legal such as Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. When they found themselves at home unable to visit their favorite casinos, alternatively, they turned to Online Casinos. These days, anyone can play online casino games on their mobiles and tablets. The online Casino industry took full advantage of this lockdown and released many enticing offers to attract new players.

Let us analyze the reasons for a major spike in Online Casino Industry in India.

Land-Based Casinos in India were shut down due to the Lockdown.

Due to imposed lockdown by the Indian government, many players were unable to visit their favorite casinos in Goa, Sikkim, and other places where gambling is allowed. This was a necessary measure to prevent the further spread of Covid-19. But even before the pandemic, the Online casino industry in India was gaining popularity. Due to Coronavirus, many people lost their jobs and almost everyone saw a decline in their earnings. This made online gambling more attractive to people as they saw a chance to win a lot of money just from their homes. Online Casinos saw a major increase in new sign-ups and the money and time spent on their sites.

Playing on the Internet is compatible with social distancing

Rising numbers of infections show that the pandemic is far from over. The fear of another wave is present and a further lockdown cannot be ruled out. It is advisable that we do everything in our power to get the crisis under control. This also includes giving much importance to social distancing despite the relaxation. Passionate gamblers can do that by simply avoiding land-based casinos. Playing in online casinos is definitely the better alternative, at least from a healthy point of view.

Sports Events have been Cancelled or Postponed

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many sports events were either canceled or postponed. This also attributed to the rise of the online casino industry. A big example is the 2020 Indian Premier League. It was originally intended to start in March 2020 but due to the imposed lockdown and restrictions, it was suspended until September 2020. IPL was moved to the United Arab Emirates. Another major example is the 2020 Summer Olympics which were moved to the next year. Cancellation or suspension of many sports events meant that there was almost nothing to bet on sports. This also contributed to players turning their attention to online casinos where anyone can bet on slots and games.

Online Casinos In India Offer Amazing Gameplay And Enticing Rewards

The popularity experienced by the Online Casino Industry in India can also be explained by the fact that many Online Casinos offer amazing bonuses to their players and provide excellent customer support. They also have their own dedicated mobile apps and have integrated numerous payment methods for the convenience of their users.

Indian players can expect many betting options on Online Casinos. Each Casino provides amazing bonuses and top-notch customer support sometimes even in Hindi. Some Casinos have launched their Indian version too. Plus, they have almost every payment method available so Indian users can deposit and withdraw money easily.

Many online casinos offer free spin and a 100% bonus. They have upgraded their systems to handle the influx of new users more efficiently. They have also improved the site design and have added many games and slots. Even after this Coronavirus pandemic is over, the Online Casino industry will see a sharp increase in new players.

Payout Percentages tend to be better online

Online casinos have better payout percentages for several logical reasons. After all, in contrast to land-based casinos, they have lower running costs. While online casinos are often large companies with many employees, the additional costs are not comparable. Therefore, Online casinos have the option of offering better payout percentages. Since the competition is extremely tough, they actually have to. The same goes for bonuses. In land-based casinos, bonuses are very rare or can only be won in a competition. In online casinos, however, they are very common. Every Online casino offers many attractive bonuses for new and existing players.

Online Casino Industry in India is experiencing a major bloom right now. Due to the stress of the pandemic, people have turned to find entertainment in online casinos. Even from mobile, anyone can register on online casinos and start playing games. This helps them relax and at the same time, win a lot of money without leaving their home. If you are also searching for some entertainment and a chance to win real money, check out our reviews on many Online Casinos in India.