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Gujarat Gambling Laws

gambling law in Gujarat

Gujarat joined many states in India that strictly prohibit gambling in all forms, especially those done at a gaming house. Like other states in India, Gujarat allows betting on horse racing as it is categorized as a skill game. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Gujarat Gambling Laws, so you will know what to do and whatnot.

How to gamble from Gujarat?

Gujarat uses the national public gambling law, which was created way beyond the computer age. It has many gambling restrictions, but it does not include or mention anything about online gambling. It is the loophole of the law and has not been amended up to this day. It is a ray of sunshine for gamblers as it simply means they can play at online casinos and bet on online sports betting sites for as long as these sites are located outside India’s jurisdiction.

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Is gambling legal in Gujarat?

Gujarat strictly prohibits gambling in accordance with the Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act of 1887. Casinos and gaming houses are not visible in Gujarat. Should you wish to play casino games, you can do so through offshore online casinos. You might also want to visit other states where gambling is legal. Many don’t like the idea of traveling far. They prefer creating an online casino account as it lets them play casino games and bet on sports happening across the globe right in the comfort of their home.

Gujarat Gambling Laws

The gambling laws implemented in Gujarat are derived from the Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act of 1887. In 1960, the law was amended and included the entire state of Gujarat. For the record, the original and amended law made no mention of online gambling, which makes online gambling completely legal for as long as the online casino and sports betting sites are located outside India. However, there is an appeal from the Gujarat High Court to amend the law and include online gambling in the restricted gambling list.

Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887

What does the law state? It prohibits all forms of gambling held in illegal places like gaming houses. If you get caught violating the law, you will be subjected to a fine and imprisonment. For organizers of illegal gambling, there are corresponding sanctions. For the first offense, the sanction is Rs. 500 and at least three months of imprisonment. For consecutive offenses, you will be asked to pay a fine of Rs. 2,000 and up to one-year imprisonment.

On the other hand, if you participated in illegal gambling or present in the venue at the time of the raid, you will be asked to pay a fine of Rs. 300 and up to two months jail time. For consecutive offenses, the fine is Rs. 300, and the jail time could take up to nine months.

Ahmedabad Casinos

If you are in Ahmedabad and you want to play casino games or bet in sports events, your best option is online casinos. Many offshore online casinos are very welcoming to Indian players. They have classic and modern casino games as well as games loved by Indians like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

Casinos in Surat

Gujarat Gambling Laws apply in Surat, meaning you can’t gamble at gaming houses. Online gambling is allowed provided the online casinos are located outside India’s jurisdiction. Suppose you want to experience how it feels playing in a physical casino. In that case, you might want to consider traveling to other places in India where gambling is allowed, such as Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

Lottery in Gujarat

Only thirteen states in India allow lottery draws, and Gujarat is not one of them. Again, your next best option for a lottery draw experience is online casinos and lottery sites. They give you the chance to participate in international lottery draws, which are subjected to massive payout.

Sports betting in Gujarat

Sports betting is a big no as it is categorized as gambling except horse racing. If you are a sports bettor, there is no way you can do it in Gujarat. Fortunately, there are plenty of offshore online casinos that have impressive sports betting portfolios. You can easily place your bet on these sports betting sites and have the chance to go home with a massive payout.

Horse racing in Gujarat

What do Gujarat Gambling Laws say about horse racing? Gujarat has a lax take on horse racing. It allows horse racing provided it is done via a licensed bookie or at the authorized horse racing track. Although horse racing is allowed, it is not as grand as other horse racing events in nearby states.

Flush, poker, rummy, and other card games status

Card games that are played in exchange for money are considered gambling, as stated in the Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Law. However, during the Diwali festival, card games are legal. However, there is another thing to keep in mind. Card games during this time are allowed only if played at home. You can also play these card games at offshore online casinos. When playing card games, you have to be discrete to ensure your safety and security. There are many loopholes in the gambling law, and, as they say, better be safe than sorry.


Gujarat is one of the states in India that has strict implementations of the national public gambling act. On a lighter note, the law is archaic, giving you the freedom to gamble online for as long as the online casino and sports betting sites are located outside India’s territory. Highly reputable online casinos and sports betting sites give you a wide array of games and ensure your safety and security are protected at all times. They also have convenient payment methods like Google Pay, UPI, and Paytm. Start your online gambling journey by signing up for an account and funding your account. Most importantly, gamble with caution and be discrete at all times.