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Best Tennis Betting Sites In India

Are you on the lookout for the best site to bet on tennis in India? In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about betting in tennis tournaments. Although you will find the option to bet on tennis on any betting site, there are only a few best tennis betting sites in India for betting on tournaments like Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Best Tennis Betting Sites in India

The Popularity Of Tennis Betting In India

Cricket is the most popular sport in India; however, in recent times, there has been an increase in the fan base of tennis.

Best Tennis Players

In the history of tennis tournaments, there have been many tennis players from around the world. However, there are only some players who can be considered the best and most dominant players.

You will find a huge fan following the greatest tennis players like Sania Mirza, Mahesh Bhupathi, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Leander Paes, and Roger Federer. Sania Mirza, who was born in Mumbai city, is the most famous tennis player in India. Popular tennis tournaments which are played internationally include the Bangalore Challenger and ATP Pune Open.

Since many players from India have won International tournaments, the passion for the game is growing in the youngsters. This is one reason behind the increase in the number of tennis bettors in recent years.

How To Start Betting On Tennis

If you are a beginner and don’t know to place your first bet, we are here to guide you. You will find all the necessary details for making your first tennis bet.

Firstly, join one of the betting sites from the list. We have researched and brought you the list of tennis betting websites that are trusted and licensed.

Top 4 Best Tennis Betting Sites In India

On 1xBet, you will find a great variety of tennis tournaments to place your bet on, unlike other sites which provide just a few regular tournaments like Grand Slams. The site allows users to do live streaming and betting. Although the site is new in India, it quickly gained popularity among bettors in the country. You will also find various events on the site.

If you are a beginner looking for a site that is easy to use and understand, then you must sign up for the site Betway. After reviewing all the popular betting sites, we conclude that Betway is, one of the best tennis betting sites in India, offers the best betting odds. Most sites provide similar betting odds; however, you get better and most competitive betting odds on Betway, which increases your chances of making more profits in the long term.

If you are just a beginner at tennis betting, then this site will be the best option as it comes with a friendly user interface. Betway has a site that has been specially created for the Indian bettors. Other than tennis, you will also find the option to bet on sports like cricket and football.

The site has convenient deposit methods for Indian users. It accepts money in Indian currencies. You can use AstroPay, Neteller, or Skrill cards on the site. When new users start their tennis betting adventure on the site, they get a huge welcome bonus.

On Bet365, you will get free accessibility to tennis live streaming. All the active users can stream live matches and bet at the same time. The site also covers various events, including ITF. However, before you can get access to live streaming on the site, you have to sign up and deposit some money.

If you don’t have any balance in your account but have placed a bet in the last 24 hours, you can also stream live matches. You will get a 100% welcome bonus as a new user.

Bet winner is one of the popular tennis betting sites in India which allows users to do live betting. The site is also available as a mobile app that covers all the tennis tournaments held worldwide.

On the site, you get various live betting features, including virtual feeds and in-game stats. Thus, you will be guided on the site to make an accurate prediction. Bet winner offers a variety of convenient ways to deposit money. You will get a 100% welcome bonus when you join the site. If you are only looking to bet on tennis matches, then Betwinner is the best option available for you.

Choosing A Tennis Betting Site

Finding a betting site that will give you the most return is essential as finding the right match to bet on.  Even if you know which player is most likely to win, if you place your bet on a website that doesn’t provide good ROI, you lose money.

Out of so many betting sites available online finding, the best one can be difficult and time-consuming. To guide you and make the process easier, we share the key factors you should consider while choosing the best tennis betting site.

  1. Best Betting Odds
    Although every site provides similar tennis odds, there is always a small difference you will come across. These differences might seem irrelevant to some users. However, it is essential for high rollers and long-term bettors.When there is a tennis match between SaniaMirza and a player with a lesser ranking, we know the outcome, but you should also know which site will provide maximum returns. The main thing is to know which site provides better betting odds in real-time because it will determine how much profit you make.High odds are provided to tennis players who have less to no chance of winning the match. This applies to any sport being played around the world.
  2. Tennis Live Betting
    Live betting is a great feature provided by some online betting sites. It is an especially important feature when you are betting on a sport like Tennis as it provides various betting options and has a dynamic scoring system. In tennis matches, you can place your bet on points, sets, and matches.You will find live betting tools such as virtual live-feed, live streaming, and in-game stats. Tennis live betting allows you to adjust the bets you placed before the match and change decisions based on the current scenario. Thus, you have more chances of winning by making accurate predictions.
  3. Live Streaming
    On some betting sites, you get the option of live streaming. Thus you can view sports while they are being played live. With the help of this feature, you can correctly predict the result of the tennis match in real-time. The sites also often live stream big-ticket matches, thus allowing you to enjoy the game while investing your hard-earned money in the right player.
  4. Fast & Secure Deposits And Withdrawals
    If you are betting from India, you need to find a website that allows you to deposit/withdraw money in Indian currencies. The site must provide the facility for quick deposits and withdrawals. The most popular methods of bank transfer are Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, and IMPS. The time it will take to process your money is 48 hours.
  5. Welcome Bonus
    You will find different welcome bonuses on different tennis betting sites. You give importance to the welcome bonus because it determines how much profit you will from the site. If it doesn’t provide a decent welcome bonus, then consider another betting site.
  6. Security & Privacy
    Most of the sites have a strict license from leading companies like Malta Gaming Authority. Your privacy is being protected under strict laws. You can get a helpful customer support team who is available 24/7 on most of these sites.

Popular Tournaments Of Tennis To Bet On

Most of the sites mentioned here include all the popular tournaments of tennis. You will find an enormous list of options to place your bet on the big events. Don’t forget to use the free bets you get on the site. Although we have mentioned a selected few tournaments, there are many other matches you can bet on.

  1. Australian Open
    Australian Open is the season’s first Grand Slam. If you are a beginner, it will be a good start for you. However, the Australian Open is the least common in this list. The weather is extremely hot when this tournament is played. Thus, it is very difficult for players to win the crown. Over the past year, the tournament has crowned players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Naomi Osaka.
  2. Roland Garros
    Roland Garros is commonly known as French Open in various countries. This tennis tournament is most popular in Europe. Rafael Nadal is always the most likely player to win the tournament. Thus, when you place a bet on him, you have maximum chances of winning the bet.
  3. Wimbledon
    Wimbledon is one of the oldest tournaments of tennis. Every year, we see huge competition in tournaments between world-class tennis players. Some of the players who have never disappointed us at Wimbledon are Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray.
  4. US Open
    US Open is the last Grand Slam of the season. As it is the last tournament, players start to show signs of tiredness, making it difficult to predict who will win the tournament. Most bettors who love to take risks place their bets on this tournament. It is the tournament in which the underdog players have given surprisingly extraordinary results.
  5. Doubles Events
    Although singles matches are more popular than doubles, the competition in doubles matches is more entertaining, especially when they feature top tennis players as pairs. For instance, you will surely like to witness a match where Sania Mirza and Serena Williams are in one team. The doubles match often lacks the coverage it deserves from the media.
  6. Junior Events
    The junior events are held for players who are under 18. The young players are the champions of the upcoming tournaments. You get to recognize the young talents from the struggling period of their life.

Tennis Betting Tips

Here we will explain to you what are different options of placing the tennis bet and what is set betting in tennis.

  •  Outright

You can place an outright bet when you know the outcome of the complete tournament. For instance, as per your prediction, you think that Serena Williams will win the tournament, you can place the outright bet. Although you need patience before using this bet, it can give you some amazing wins, particularly when you accurately picked the less likely winner.

  • Match

Out of all the bet types available, this one is the simplest. In this bet, you just need to predict which player will become the winner of the match. If you have just started to bet on tennis, then this bet type is recommended for you. If you accurately predict the unlikely victory, you can win some amazing cash prizes.

  • Handicap

When a tennis player has a particular number of matches removed from their total, it is considered a handicap. Thus, the player with the total matches becomes the winner when the handicap is considered.

  • In-Play/Live Betting

In-play betting is extremely famous among the people who love to watch tennis matches. In standard betting, you place bets before the starting of the match. However, in-play betting allows you to place your bet while watching the game live. Skilled tennis bettors use live betting to make a correct prediction as per the current scenario of the match. However, if the entire match is not played, the bets become void.

  • Over/Under Betting

The betting site will predict the number of games that will be played in a match. Bettors have to predict if the number of games will be more or less than the prediction of the site. It is a common bet type among experienced gamblers. Unless and until the match is completed, bets on the entire match over/under will become void.

  • Correct Score

As the name suggests, the bettors need to predict the correct score of the match. If you think that Sania will win the game by 4 sets to zero, you will bet and the cash prize at the end of the match.

  • Set Betting

What is set betting in tennis? When you place bets on the player who is likely to win the set, it is known as set betting. Although there are various kinds of set bets in tennis, the most popular one is where bettors predict which player is likely to win a particular set. If you are making this bet while watching the game live, this bet can give you maximum wins.

Tennis Betting Rules

  1. Walkovers
    When an opponent is pulled out of a tournament, one of the players advances before a match. This type of situation is known as a walkover. As a universal rule, if the tennis match isn’t started, all the bets are considered void.
  2. When a Player Retires
    During a match, when an opponent retires, a tennis player advances. Most of the time, players retire due to injuries. In 2019, Benoit Paire was the player who advanced because of the retirement of Pablo Carreno Busta. This happens many times when tennis players are not ready for the matches in the French Open. They usually participate only for the paycheck and then retire during the match.You can lose a money line bet if the player you placed a bet on retires before the game, even if his name is leading on the scoreboard.  There are the following possibilities where Moneyline is considered an action:
    • Full match – Until the entire match is complete, Moneyline is not taken as an action.
    • One/two sets – One or two sets must be completed for the money line to be considered action.
    • The first ball – After the initial ball, every Moneyline is considered action. Thus, if you bet on a player who took retirement even before the first ball of the game, then you most likely lost your bet.
  3. Weather Delays
    If you placed a bet for a match and it got delayed, your bet is still considered valid. However, in some books, the match must be played within a week for the bet to be considered valid.
  4. Spread Betting
    If you choose to bet on the spread, the match must be complete for your bet to become valid. Let us assume you placed a bet on Sania Mirza +2 sets against Serena Williams. If Sania leads 6-4, 4-1, you surely won the bet. However, if Serena chooses to retire, you will get a refund.


In conclusion, there are many websites you can choose to bet on in tennis matches. However, only a few websites are the best tennis betting sites in India to give you the best returns. There are lots of factors you have to consider before signing for a tennis betting website. You should keep in mind the tips for placing an accurate bet.

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