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Blackjack Strategy

When playing any type of casino game, it is important to have a strategy. It takes the entire gaming experience to new heights, whether the game is a game of luck or skills. When playing blackjack, you can use a blackjack strategy to reduce the possibility of losing and increase the chances of winning. In this article, we are going to discuss the different blackjack strategies you can apply to your game. We also share the common abbreviations used in online blackjack. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of blackjack strategies and a variety of live blackjack strategies. Let’s have a comprehensive look at various online blackjack strategies which will increase your chances of winning while playing online blackjack for real cash.

Blackjack Strategy in india

What is a blackjack strategy?

When playing blackjack for real money, having a blackjack strategy can increase your chances of winning. Through these strategies, you get to make the most of your rupees. Although the blackjack game is based on the hand of cards you are dealt with, you can do things to make the cards work in your favor. Hence, it is safe to say that blackjack is both a game of chance and skill. Here’s a fun fact. If you are playing live blackjack, the basic strategy is the standard one. There are advanced strategies, but you have first to know the basic blackjack strategy.

Blackjack strategy card – understanding the basic

Most blackjack players use the strategy card, and you don’t need to learn such a strategy by heart. In this article, you are going to know the simple and straightforward blackjack strategy to follow. It starts with locating your hand. You also need to locate the dealer’s hand and where they meet.

Blackjack strategy card abbreviations

The most common card abbreviations used in playing blackjack, especially when applying certain blackjack strategy are the following:

  • Hit – H
  • Stand – S
  • Double Down – D
  • Double or hit – Dh
  • Double or stand – Ds
  • Split – P or Sp
  • Split provided double after split is enabled, or else hit – Ph
  • Surrender, if allowed, or else stand – Rs
  • Surrender, if allowed, or else hit – Rh
  • Surrender or else split – Rp

What are the different blackjack card strategies?

When playing blackjack, please know that you can use many card strategies. In fact, today, there are tons of blackjack card strategies to choose from. However, not all of them are effective. Therefore, it is a must to carefully choose the strategy that works best for your gaming style. The thing is, some of these blackjack strategies depend on the deck of cards in the shoe, while others are more advantageous to advanced players. For online blackjack players, it is practical to start with the basic strategies.

How to use a blackjack strategy?

Once you know the basics of playing blackjack, the abbreviations used, and some of the common blackjack strategies, you can now proceed with the game properly. Below are the steps to follow when playing at online blackjack casinos:

  • Choose a legit online casino.
  • Sign up for an account and deposit real cash.
  • Go to the live casino section.
  • Choose your preferred game, which in this case is live blackjack.
  • Choose a blackjack table, ideally, the one with a comfortable bet limit.
  • Start placing your bet and the side bets.
  • Go back to your strategy card and base your decision accordingly.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. After all, you are playing the game for entertainment purposes.

What are other available strategies when playing live blackjack?

When playing blackjack in land-based casinos or live blackjack settings offered by online casinos, the strategy you can use is not only limited to the basics. There are other strategies you can apply depending on how you foresee the outcome of the game. These strategies are based on theories, and they can be used not only in playing blackjack but in other table games. Some of them are the following:

  • Fibonacci – it is based on a mathematical theory that follows a sequence in betting a particular number of units. With the Fibonacci strategy, you have to add the two former numbers to create the next number.
  • Martingale – It is a strategy with high variability. If you are new to playing blackjack, you have to refrain from using this as much as possible. Only use this if you are already an advanced player and if the chances of winning is close to 50%.
  • d’Alembert – It is based on the concept of universal balance or Gambler’s Fallacy. The goal is simple – to create a balance. If you are placing the same bet and you have been on the losing streak, you have to change your bet to create a balance and somehow increase the possibility of winning.

Basic card strategy with card counting

What if you’re going to combine the usual card strategy and card counting? Will it work? Should you wish to take the game further over the edge, the best remedy is to combine basic card strategy and card counting. However, you have to keep in mind that some Indian online casinos prohibit card counting. Therefore, it is a must to carefully read the terms and conditions before applying any game strategy to ensure you are not breaking any rules that could jeopardize your account. Please note that card counting may not guarantee to win, but it can certainly increase your chances of winning. Not to mention, it makes the game more thrilling and exciting.

Blackjack strategies – the do’s and don’ts

When gambling, be it in a land-based casino or online casino, it is a must to learn the difference between a gaming strategy and cheating. There is a fine line between the two, and it is a must to know the difference to ensure you will not make any move that could be considered cheating. If you get caught cheating, you will be penalized, or your account could be blacklisted permanently. To stay on the safe side, make it a habit to read the terms and conditions before you start playing; as they say, better safe than sorry!

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