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Best Online Sic Bo In India

Have you heard about the popular game Sic Bo and want to know more about it? Sic Bo is one of the games you must try playing. The rule of the game is simple. You just have to predict the outcome of the dice rolled. In this article, we will share everything you need to know to play Sic Bo online in India.

Top 3 Sites to Play Sic Bo in India

We have brought you the list of the best sites which allow you to play Sic Bo. We have played Sic Bo on these sites, and thus, we are recommending it to you.

Here are the sites which allow you to play the Sic Bo game online:

Genesis Casino is a popular online casino in India that provides free spins, welcome bonuses, and numerous prizes to bettors. If you become a VIP member on their site, you can get vacation packages for your family. Other than Sic Bo, you can also play online Teen Patti, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack on the site.

If you are looking for a site that provides the feeling of the casino, then you must create an account in Wildz. This site has a huge list of Indian players. You will get dynamic rewards and spins regularly. The games you can play on the site include Sic Bo, online Blackjack, Roulette, and Teen Patti.

JungleRaja is a popular site for playing casinos in India. The games you can play on the site include online roulette, teen Patti and Sic Bo. You will get the welcome bonus without making any deposits. The site is user-friendly, and you will find a huge list of games to choose from.

Best Online Sic Bo In India

What Is Online Sic Bo?

In the very basic definition, Sic Bo is a game where people bet on several possible outcomes from rolling three dice. You will find it similar to the games like roulette and craps. However, this betting game is pure luck. If you want to play a casino game where nothing is fixed, and every player has a fair chance of winning, then Sic Bo is certainly that one game.

Online Sic Bo is the version of the classic game available on various websites. The game was initially founded in China about a hundred years ago. Through the years, the game has gathered so much popularity from the bettors worldwide that now it is part of online games.

You won’t find much difference in the Sic Bo game taking place worldwide and online edition. Either way, you find a table with all the list of possible outcomes and odds. When you play this game online, you will find a dealer who will take your bets from the other side before rolling the dice.

All you have to do in this game is predicting the outcome. You might lose some money by making wrong predictions before making a huge profit. A glass box contains the three dice which start to roll when the dealer presses a button. Once three dices show the outcome, you either win the bet or lose it. Thus, the game is completely based on luck.

Difference Between Physical Casino’s Sic Bo And Online Sic Bo

  1. You will get to interact with the dealer at a casino. While playing online, you can only talk to them through the live chat option.
  2. When it comes to rolling the dice, at casinos, the dealer rolls it, but in online games, it happens automatically by the press of a button.
  3. You can play online from the comfort of your home. In casinos, there is a lot of hustle-bustle that distracts you.

However, as long as it doesn’t affect the outcome of the dices, these few differences don’t matter.

Where Can You Play Sic Bo Online?

The best thing is to play Sic Bo online for money; you don’t have to visit Macau. You can play Sic Bo online with other Indian players and earn real cash. The only thing you need to play with is a good internet connection on mobile or laptop. You can also download the betting app from some websites to play the Sic Bo.

How To Get Started Playing Sic Bo Online?

  1. Choose a Sic Bo site from the list mentioned below. Check their review online.
  2. Create an account. It should take 5 minutes to sign up.
  3. Deposit some money in your wallet. There will be various options to deposit money in Indian currencies.
  4. All the casino websites give a welcome bonus to new players. Claim your free bonus.
  5. Finally, in the live casino segment, select Sic Bo and start playing.

Basics of Sic Bo

As we previously stated, you will find the game of Sic Bo similar to the craps and roulette. The online dealers will roll the three dices. You can predict what number will come on each dice or what will be the total sum of the three numbers.

However, if you predict what number will come on each dice, you can earn more money because it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of three dice. The payout is higher when the odds of predicting correctly are low.

Is it Legal to play Sic Bo in India?

According to Indian laws, a game of luck falls under a grey area. Although the games like rummy and poker are allowed, there is no written law for online Sic Bo. The Indian government has not prosecuted anyone for playing these games, and the chances of any legal action against online casinos are very low.

The only thing you ensure is choosing a reputed website for playing Sic Bo. These sites protect your privacy under strict laws and ensure a safe betting experience for the players.

Rules Of Sic Bo

Sic Bo comes with simple rules. There are three dices which the dealer will roll. You just need to predict the result from the table containing all the possible outcomes of the three dices. You don’t have to calculate your earnings as they will be mentioned on the screen. The more time you place a bet on the correct outcome, the more money you earn.

Betting On The Sum Of Three Dices

The easiest way to make correct predictions on online Sic Bo is by betting on the sum of three dices. You can also bet on the range of numbers the total number will fall in. For instance, you can predict between numbers 5 to 11 or between the numbers 12 to 18.

However, when you correctly sum the three dices, you earn more than when you predict the range of numbers. When the odds of making correct predictions are less, you can earn more.

Different Ways You Can Bet In Sic Bo

  1. Combination Bets
    You can predict two of the numbers which will show up in any two dice. For instance, you can predict 2 and 5 will show up in any of the three dices. The payout is 6:1.
  2. Double Combination
    You can place a bet that one of the numbers will show up on any two dices. For instance, you can predict 4 & 4 will come in any of the three dices. The payout is 10:1 as the odds are less.
  3. Triple Bets
    Just like the double combination, you can predict that one of the numbers will show up but on all three dices. For instance, you can predict numbers 2 out of the numbers 1-6 will show up on the three dices. The payout is 180:1.
  4. Single Bets
    This is the simplest way to win most bets, as you just need to predict a number that can show up in any one of the three dice. However, if more than 1 dice shows the same number, you earn more compared to only one dice showing the number. Payout is 1:1 for a single dice showing the number and 3:1 for all the dices showing the number. Remember, the payout will differ in every site which allows betting on Sic Bo. You can check the payout in the layout, which will be shown around every outcome.


If you want to play Sic Bo online in India to earn real cash, you must know some of the best betting strategies. Whatever strategy you apply, you must be committed to responsible betting. You should bet on the range of total numbers, which can occur as there are more chances of making the right prediction.

For instance, if the total number comes to 15 and you predicted the range between numbers 12-18, you made the correct prediction. However, the payouts are not so good, and you might feel bored after some time.

The best strategy is to place multiple bets in a way that there is less risk of losing. There is no proven strategy to win a maximum number of bets in Sic Bo. You just have to trust your luck while placing bets.

Playing Sic Bo Online – Virtual or Live

There are two ways you can play Sic Bo online for money: Virtual and Live. When you play Sic Bo virtually, everything is computerized. You can’t interact with the dealer in any way.

When you play Sic Bo live, you will find an attractive dealer on the screen sitting opposite to you. You will be able to interact with her. Unlike virtual Sic Bo, you get the feeling of a real casino here.


In conclusion, you can play Sic Bo online in India, a popular game of pure luck. If you want to try your luck and think you can make a correct prediction, you must try signing in to one of the sites allowing you to play this game.