Best Online Jhandi Munda In India

For Indians, traditions are essential. It includes almost everything like food, dresses, celebrations, and entertainment. Jhandi Munda is one of the classic forms of entertainment in India. Fortunately, online casinos accepting Indian players now offer Jhandi Munda along with other classic Indian games.

Best Jhandi Munda Online Casinos in India

What is online Jhandi Munda?

It is a classic Indian game played on the streets of India. It is based on luck, but a few strategies can be applied to increase the chances of winning. Online Jhandi Munda offers more advantages than the one being played on the street. Some of these advantages are the following:

  • You can be certain with payments and withdrawals as online casino sites are governed and regulated by strict regulations.
  • You can play for free, which is advantageous, especially if you are still learning to play the game and want to familiarize it before using your own money.
  • There are various tables to play Jhandi Munda on. You can shift from one table to another.
  • You can play Jhandi Munda anytime and anywhere for as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Where can you play online Jhandi Munda for real money?

There are a number of online casinos that offer Jhandi Munda. All you have to do is to sign up for an account to start playing Jhandi Munda. If you can’t find Jhandi Munda, try to search for “Anchor and Crowns,” because Jhandi Munda means to anchor and crowns.

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Jhandi Munda Basics 

Jhandi Munda is a classic game started on the streets of India mainly in Arunachal Pradesh. However, not all people are familiar with the game, which is the very reason why we created this article. We aim to help you know more about Jhandi Munda and how you can maximize your gaming experience.

Jhandi Munda – Is it legal to play in India?

There is no strict regulations about the legality of playing online Jhandi Munda in India. It is a game based on chance. It originates in Arunachal Pradesh, which makes the game legal. However, you have to take note that there are states in India that prohibit gambling in all forms. It is best if you are going to know beforehand the rules and regulations in your state to make sure you are not breaking any laws.


Jhandi Munda is a game of chance. The rule in playing the game is simple. It involves six dices, and each dice has six symbols. The players bet on the symbol they feel most likely will appear the most number of times in one roll. The six symbols include the spade, heart, club, diamond, face, and flag. For example, if you place your bet on the heart symbol in one roll and it so happened two hearts come face up, you will receive twice the bet money.

What is the winning potential?

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for this game is 97.14%. It is a pretty huge percentage, which is more than the RTP of other top-rated slot games. Jhandi Munda, although a game of luck, is highly profitable. It opens doors of opportunities, which are not available in other games. The winning potential is enticing, especially if you are the type of person who loves the thrill of online casino games.

What strategies can you implement? 

Although Jhandi Munda is a game of chance, you can do things to increase your chances of winning. First, you have to know that the game involves six symbols, and the person with the most number of characters in one roll of six dice wins. In this matter, you can use the hot and cold symbol concept. What does a hot and cold symbol concept mean? When you visit an online casino site that offers Jhandi Munda, you will see a list of hot and cold symbols based on 10, 50, or 100 rolls. The symbols that appear face up most of the time are referred to as hot symbols, while the less likely symbols are cold symbols. Take advantage of this strategy to increase your chances of winning.

Are there available game variations? 

Many people are not aware that Jhandi Munda has variations. Online casinos operating in India have come up with Jhandi Munda variations to take the next level’s gaming experience. These variations include the following:

  • First variation – It is the basic variation that Indian players have come to love throughout the years. With this variation, you have to place your bet on the symbol that appears face up most of the time.
  • Second variation – In this variation, you will get a fixed return of 3.4x of the placed bet regardless of the number of times the symbol you selected appears to face up.

Free Jhandi Munda VS Real-Money Jhandi Munda

If you play Jhandi Munda at online casinos, you will have two options: play for free or play using real money. Almost all online casinos offer these two gaming options.

  • Play for free – As the name suggests, you are going to play the game for free. You won’t need to use your real money, but you will not receive real money if you win. It is a perfect opportunity for players to learn the ins and outs of the game. If it is for your first time playing the game, or you feel like you need to practice more to fully understand the game concept, the play for free mode is the best option.
  • Play using real money – if you want to win real cash, your next option is to play using real money. However, it is important for you to master the game concept and at least have a strategy to increase your chances of winning. Jhandi Munda is a game of luck, however, you can implement certain strategies you can implement to increase your chances of winning.

What online casinos offer Jhandi Munda?

There are a number of online casinos in India that offer Jhandi Munda and other classic Indian games. These are 10 Cric Casino, Pure Casino, LeoVegas Casino, Betway Casino, and Wildz. These casinos offer different Jhandi Munda variations and offer a generous welcome bonus for new players.


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