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Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is one of the popular traditional Indian table games, loved not only by Indians but other online casino goers. There are different Teen Patti variations, and it is a must to know these variations to maximize your gaming experience. Our casino expert team has played Live Teen Patti at several online casinos in India. In this article, we will share our experience with you and discuss multiple Online Teen Patti variations. This will help you enormously when you play online Teen Patti real cash game at online casinos in India. You can even play online Teen Patti on your smartphone as many online casino sites in India are offering online Teen Patti live casino experience on mobile devices.

Teen Patti Variations

Variations of Teen Patti

There are different Teen Patti variations, and it is important to know these variations, so you will know what particular strategy to apply. However, you have to be aware that the variation can only be applied when playing with other players. If you are going to play against the dealer, you won’t find these Teen Patti variations.

Popular Teen Patti Variations

  • Joker Hunt – It is similar to poker. The players are dealt with three cards, and a particular set of cards are dealt face up. Players have the option to get rid one of their cards and be replaced by the card shown face up.
  • Best of Four/Boosted variation – Instead of the usual three cards; you’ll be given four cards, thus, the name best of four. Your goal is to have the best Teen Patti hand, with the help of an aother card, to achieve the highest possible ranking based on Teen Patti hand rankings.
  • Muflis (Lowball) – It is one of the simplest and easiest to learn Teen Patti variations. In this variation, you are not aiming for the highest-ranking card but the lowest one.
  • Low Wild & High Wild – The lowest ranking card in hand can be turned into a joker/wild, which you can use as any card to achieve a high-ranking hand. It functions similarly as the low wild.
  • AK 47 – It sounds like a weapon, right? However, in this variation, you are not dealing with weapons but to the deck that serves as jokers. AK 47 refers to the Ace, King, 4, and 7 cards, which can be turned into jokers.
  • Two-lowest Wild – The four-card hands is your edge.. The two lowest-ranking cards are considered wild, therefore, creating more chances of winning.
  • Bust Card Draw – There is an additional process to card dealing. The players are dealt with a set of hands, and once all players received their corresponding cards, a sudden death card will be drawn by the dealer. If you happen to be the player who receives the card, you have to fold your hand automatically
  • Wild Draw – It also has an additional drawn card, which will be counted as a wild. If you happen to be that player to receive the ranked card, you can use the card as a wild.
  • Hukum – In this variation, you will be dealt with two usual cards and a joker, which can be used to substitute for any card. If no possible combinations are there, the winner will be determined based on the highest card.

Which Teen Patti variation is commonly played with a live dealer?

If you are playing Teen Patti against a live dealer, Teen Patti variations will not be applied. It is unclear why Teen Patti variation is restricted, but it has something to do with the demand and payouts. The Teen Patti variation that you can use when playing against the dealer is Muflis because it looks exactly the same as the original Teen Patti, with slight differences.

The function of the joker

The joker is one of the powerful cards in Teen Patti. It is called joker or wild and functions the same way as the wild in video slots. It can be used as any suit or rank to form a hand.

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