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Craps Bets

The availability of craps bets makes it more thrilling and entertaining for players. If you have tried playing roulette, you will notice that available bets in craps are similar to roulette in the sense that you can place bets to cover parts of the possible outcome to increase the chances of winning. However, craps are different because the dice’s outcome is fewer compared to that of the roulette. If you are a new player or have a hard time understanding craps bets, don’t worry, as we are going to cover everything you need to know in this article.

Craps Bets guide

 Craps bets and corresponding payout

  • Come bet or pass line – 1:1
  • Don’t come or don’t pass bet – 1:1
  • Pass line/come/buy (4 or 10) – 2:1
  • Pass line/come/buy (6 or 8) – 5:6
  • Pass line/come/buy (5 or 9) – 3:2
  • Don’t pass/lay/don’t come (numbers 4 or 10) – 1:2
  • Don’t pass/lay/don’t come (numbers 5 or 9) – 2:3
  • Don’t pass/lay/don’t come (numbers 6 or 8) – 5:6
  • Field bets (2 or 12) – 2:1
  • Field bets (3, 4, 9 to 11): 1:1
  • Place bets (4 or 10) – 9:5
  • Place bets (5 or 9) – 7:5
  • Place bets (6 or 8) – 7:6

One roll and Hardway bets

Learning the standard craps bets is a must as it pertains to the usual bets placed by players. They are the bets ideal for new players, but avid craps players still use them. However, if you prefer to spice up things a bit, you can take your craps bets to new heights by using one roll and hardway bets. These bets are found in the center of the table, and it’s easy to notice them because of the two dice image. What makes these bets appealing is the high payout. In fact, way higher payout than the standard bets.

  • One roll bets – The thing with this type of crap bet is that it is difficult to hit. As the name suggests, its primary focus is on the craps rolls or the one that lands on the losing roll of numbers 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12.
  • Hardway bets – What makes this type of crap bet appealing is that it remains active until a deicing bet is rolled, whether it is a winning or losing bet. It is quite difficult to attain as the dice both dice must show the same number. There are various bet variations, and each has a corresponding payout. However, it has something to do with how the dice lands from the necessary number.

The payout for one roll and hardway bets is summarized below:

  • Hardway bets (4 or 10) -7:1
  • Hardway bets (6 or 8) – 9:1
  • One roll bet (any craps) – 7:1
  • One roll bet (any 7) – 4:1
  • One roll bet (2 or 12) – 30:1
  • One roll bet (3 or 11) – 15:1

One roll or hardway bets – which one should you choose?

One roll and hardway bets take your craps gaming experience to new heights. If you feel like the standard bets do not bring the kind of thrill you want, you can always go for hardway bets and one roll bets. However, you need to be aware of the possible consequences. These are quite difficult to achieve, but the reward is high. As they say, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Every crap player must realize that the house edge for these types of bets are high. House edge pertains to the house’s possibility of winning. One roll and hardway bets will surely bring thrill for adventurous players, especially if you are on the winning streak, which could take incredible luck.

Which bet is the best?

Of all available craps bets, which one is the best? It is a difficult question to answer as each player has a preferred bet. Your choice of craps bets has something to do with the kind of gaming experience you are eyeing to experience. Are you the traditional player? Are you someone who is looking for thrill and adventure? The majority of craps players prefer pass line bet, although a few prefer to don’t pass bet because it has a low house edge. The thing is there are strategies you can use to somehow increase your chances of winning and reduce the possibility of losing.

Avid craps players already know what these strategies are. If you don’t have any idea about these crap strategies, don’t worry, as we are going to cover them on the next topics. To give you a hint, the online craps strategy primarily focuses on the locations or areas to cover, specifically the number of the dice’s possible outcome. It would take a while to master these strategies, but you can increase your chances of winning once you get the hang of it.

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