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Best Football Betting Sites in India

Football betting is increasingly popular in India, which caused us to create this guide. We are here to give you insights about football betting, different football betting types, football betting tips and strategies, choosing a team to place a bet on, and selecting the best football betting sites.

Understanding what football betting is all about

Online football betting pertains to a bet placed on the football match’s outcome. As a bettor, you have to place your bet on the team whom you think will win a particular match (simple bet). Bettors can also opt for complicated bets, such as finding out the number of goals a particular team can scroll.

Best Football Betting Sites in India

Top 7 Football Betting Sites in India

Indian punters, especially those who want to know how to bet on football games, should choose the best betting site. Fortunately, we collated some of the best betting sites for Indian punters. These are the following:

It is tagged as one of the best football betting sites for Indian punters. If you are searching for a site to bet and watch football, you can never go wrong with Bet365. It has over 23 million users from different parts of the world, 200 countries to be exact, including India. Its dedication to serving Indian punters is the driving force behind the success of Bet365. It has an extensive sportsbook, including vast football betting options from different parts of the world. Some of the notable features of Bet365 that make it a noteworthy betting site for football include football live betting platform, and cashout free live streaming, to name a few.

If you are a novice punter and you want to have a smooth sailing experience, Betway Casino is the best place to be. It is one of the user-friendly sports betting platforms characterized by its minimalist design. Another thing that makes it all the more attractive is it does not have so many annoying ads and banners. In other words, it is a low-key sports betting platform, making it beneficial for novice punters. The live betting feature adds thrill and entertainment. It gives punters the option to bet on live football, taking the experience to new heights. For strategic punters, they will enjoy their time with Betway because it gives relevant team statistics, analytics, and lineups, to name a few. These pieces of information are designed to help players come up with an informed decision.

1xbet is one of the biggest betting sites in India. If you are someone who wants to bet on large football leagues and tournaments, 1XBet is the best place to be. Its scope includes football tournaments in India and football leagues across the globe, such as English Premier League and Russian Ladies League, to name a few. If you are someone who wants to try out other betting options, you will surely enjoy your time at 1XBet. It has an enormous selection of football betting options as well as other games.

Indian bettors will surely love their time at 10Cric as it is tagged as one of India’s greatest sports betting sites. It is one of the trusted and safest betting sites as it uses the latest encryption technology to make sure that everything going on in the platform is away from the prying eyes of phishers. It holds a gaming license issued by the government of Curacao.

Pure Win is new in the sports betting category but has been in the online gambling scene for many years now. It was formerly known as Pure Casino because it exclusively offers casino games, but it eventually changed its name to Pure Win as it began to offer sports betting. It is a fully licensed sports betting site with a valid license from Curacao. It has extensive sports betting portfolio, including football betting.

22Bet is one of the oldest bookmakers focus on delivering a one-of-a-kind betting experience to players. It has a wide array of sports betting options, but the main focus is football. Indian punters can place a bet on thousands of football games with the best betting odds on the market. Not to mention, it offers convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. The welcome bonus is also something to look forward to as it is generous in giving bonuses and promotions. Whenever problems arise, you can expect to have reliable customer support readily available with just a few clicks.

Parimatch is a new breed of the online betting site for Indian punters. Not only does it have extensive sports betting portfolio, but it also offers a wide array of casino games. The user interface is distinct from the usual online sports betting site, and it supports various payment methods, with the majority of them convenient to Indian punters such as UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Parimatch has a dedicated football betting app.

Melbet is an international betting site offering a wide array of options for Indian punters such as cricket, football, and eSports. It has a great live football betting platform making it ideal for novice and pro-Indian punters.

What are the different football Betting Types

There are different types of bets Indian punters can choose from, but the common ones are the following:

  • Futures – It pertains to long-term wager, something that is going to happen in the future instead of something that’s going to happen right away. A futures bet is available the entire season, but the best price can be accessed before the season begins.
  • Match betting – It is the common type of wager you can make in football betting. As the name suggests, you have to predict which team will most likely win the match. You can also bet on “draw, “and the price is higher compared to predicting who will win.
  • Props – This type of bet has nothing to do with the game’s outcome. A perfect example is the Man of the Match Award, which can come from both the winning and losing teams. Included in props betting is predicting the number of goals a player can make, the number of save the goalkeeper makes, assist, and the number of shots a striker successfully make.
  • Totals – This type of bet pertains to the set total number of goals scored in the sportsbook including the wager on the under and over.
  • Asian handicap – It is very much alike with the North American’s “betting on the spread.” The stronger team is the highly favored one, but they should meet a particular number of goals.

Football betting strategy

There are certain strategies you can apply when betting in football matches. These strategies can greatly affect your chances of winning. These are the following:

  • Conduct thorough research. It is a must to know what you are up to so you will be able to make an informed choice. One of the things you need to learn is to differentiate smaller leagues from the big ones.
  • Study the team’s form. A perfect source of the team’s information is the previous game’s match report.
  • It is important to know the market. There are tons of betting markets to choose from, but the best one offers a comprehensive corner betting market.
  • As much as possible, you have to avoid cup games because of unpredictability, increasing the chances of losing.

Which team should you place your bet on?

When selecting a football team to place your bet, there are certain parameters you have to check to predict which team has the highest chances of winning accurately. They are the following:

  • The recent form of the team
  • Head to head team status
  • Star players’ form and overall team condition
  • Venue
  • Weather condition
  • Injuries and news

Finding out the best football betting site

Finding out the best football betting sites takes more than just simple research. It is important to consider all important factors such as the following:

  • Sign-up process – The online football betting site must let punters sign up for an account without hassle. The process should be quick and convenient, which should take less than two minutes.
  • Welcome bonus – Top football betting sites offer a generous welcome bonus to Indian punters. However, the welcome bonus varies from one betting site to another. Hence, you have to check available bonuses and compare each one of them. Aside from the value of the welcome bonus, you also need to consider the terms and conditions. If the wagering requirements are too impossible to meet, it’s a sign that you should go ahead and search for another site that allows football betting in India.
  • Betting options – Another thing to consider when choosing the best football betting sites is the betting option. Know beforehand what type of bets are offered by the betting site as it varies from one site to another. Some betting sites have limited betting options, while others offer vast betting option.
  • Convenient Payment Solutions – Payment is important when betting online. The best football betting sites should offer plenty of deposit and withdrawal options to punters. Such payment solutions are beneficial and convenient for Indian punters. Not only are they advantageous to Indian punters, but they are also safe and secure. Some of the recommended payment methods you should look for include PhonePe, GooglePay, Paytm, UPI, and online bank transfer.
  • Security and responsible gambling – The best football betting sites have a dedicated section for responsible gambling. More so, it ensures the safety and security of punters. It uses top-notch security features, thereby eliminating the chances of scams and phishing. Indian punters are guaranteed that their personal and financial information are well-taken care of.
  • Customer support – There is no such thing as a perfect betting site, regardless of how well-crafted and designed the site is. When it comes to betting on football in India, it is important for Indian punters to have an open line of communication to the support team. The best betting site allows punters to communicate with them in many different ways round the clock, such as telephone calls, live chat, and email.
  • Low commission fees – A bookmaker charges a fee (commission) when you win a wager on the betting platform. The commission amount varies from one betting platform to another. However, it should not be outrageously high. The acceptable commission fee should not exceed 5% of the total winning amount.
  • Availability of live betting – The best soccer betting sites have a live betting option, which takes the betting experience to new heights. What sets live betting apart from the rest is it lets bettors place their bet in real-time (while the game/match is ongoing).
  • Value betting – When looking for the best online football betting odds, you have to consider value betting. It pertains to placing bets where the outcome’s probability is greater than the soccer odds reflect. However, to use value betting effectively, you need to have extensive knowledge of football betting, including the leagues and teams you are placing a bet on.
  • Accept Indian Rupees – The ideal football betting companies accept Indian Rupees, so Indian punters don’t need to convert currency, which will enable them to save money from conversion fees.

Football Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the important factors to consider when selecting a football betting site. However, only a few sports betting sites offer live streaming because such a feature is costly, and only those huge betting sites can afford it. The majority of sports betting sites that offer football betting have a live streaming feature enabling you to watch live stream games from the biggest football leagues. Examples of betting sites that offer football live streaming are 1XBet and Bet365. Advantages offered by football live streaming include the following:

  • Watching the football match in action on your screen.
  • No need to juggle between two screens to watch the football match and at the same time place your bet online.
  • The majority of football live streaming does not charge extra money for watching live matches, provided you are a verified bettor.
  • It offers a truly immersive betting experience.
  • The outcome of the match is determined quicker in live streaming than in pre-match bets.

Mobile Football Betting

Mobile football betting is a big thing, especially in this time and age. Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology. The majority of betting sites have a dedicated app making it easier for Indian punters to place bets on sports they like, such as football. Through a mobile football betting app, you can place a bet with just a few clicks. It comes with top-notch features designed to make your betting experience a smooth sailing one, such as checking the live bets and wagers easily anytime and anywhere. If you are going to compare mobile football betting to usual football betting sites, the former is more user-friendly, accessible, and efficient than the latter.

The legality of football betting in India

Gambling law in India is hard to comprehend, especially for common people. The law is even more confusing when it comes to online sports betting, like football betting. Are football betting sites allowed to operate in India? Will you not be held liable and accountable should you be caught participating in online sports betting?

Football betting sites are legal in India, but not all sports betting sites are allowed in India. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 has specified the rules regarding gambling. However, some of its contents are already amended, and every Indian state is given the free will to regulate gambling within its jurisdiction. However, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 made no mention of online sports betting platforms. Therefore, it is safe to say that most Indian states allow football betting sites. It does not seem to be the problem at all, as the majority of sports betting sites are located outside India’s jurisdiction. So, Indian punters can participate in football betting and other sports without worrying about breaking any law.


Football betting is growing in popularity not only in India but in other parts of the world. The availability of football betting sites has been a big help to Indian punters as they no longer need to go outside the comfort of their homes to bet on their preferred football team. More so, mobile football betting has made the entire betting process more convenient and accessible to everyone.