Best Online Roulette in India

Online Roulette in IndiaRoulette is a casino game based on luck. It is a game that Indians have come to love, but they don’t have access to play it in land-based casinos because of legal matters. Fortunately, online casinos now offer roulette so players can enjoy playing it right in the comfort of home.

Best Online Roulette Casinos in India

Play Online Roulette in India

What are the different roulette variations?

There are different roulette variations, and each has a particular rule and limit. Some of the popular variations are discussed below:

  • American Roulette is widely played in the United States, Asia, and some parts of the United Kingdom. Winning at American Roulette can be quite hard as the house edge is 5.26%. The wheel is almost the same as the European roulette, but it contains 00, which explains why winning at American roulette can be quite tricky.
  • French roulette – It originates in France, which shows where the name came from. According to roulette fans, the original version of roulette originated in France. Almost all land-based casinos have French roulette. It is nearly the same as the European roulette.

En Prison – What makes it different though is the one rule variation called “En Prison.” If the ball falls on zero and you place your bet on even-money chance, then the wheel will be spun again, thus giving you another chance. If your bet is right for the second time, you will be able to get your stake back.

La Partage – Half of your stake will be returned to you if you place your bet on even-money chance like red/black or odd/even. La Partage is only for French roulette because you would lose the entire stake in its European counterpart.

  • Mini Roulette – It is the smaller version of French roulette, played on a small wheel with 13 slots made up of numbers 0 to 12. The wheel is too small, making it easier to win a straight number than the usual roulette. Consequently, the payout is small too.
  • No zero roulette – As the name suggests, there is no zero on the roulette. The numbers that you can see are from 1 to 36, thus, eliminating the house edge. Of all variations of roulettes, the no zero roulette is the most interesting one, especially if your goal is to make money.

How to play online roulette in India?

The game’s rule is simple – place the stake on the field you feel the ball will land on. You can also place your bet in different fields. Your chances of winning are high if you wager on all black fields instead of wagering on a single number. However, the winning is smaller if you win on all black fields. To start playing, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a casino site that offers roulette.
  2. Join the site and deposit money. Your deposit options include credit/debit card, UPI, Skrill, Neteller, PayTM, and Netbanking, to name a few.
  3. Claim your welcome bonus. After making your initial deposit, you will receive a roulette welcome bonus, which is usually in the form of cash. You can use it to play not only roulette but also other casino games. Keep in mind that some casino sites’ welcome bonus packages are more generous than others. Hence, it is vital to choose a casino site wisely.
  4. Game mechanics – Although there are different roulette variations, game mechanics are most likely the same.

The roulette wheel consists of 37 chambers with numbers ranging between 0 and 36, colored in either black or red. The only green is the number zero.

There are different bets that can be placed, and when placing your bet, you need to choose how much you want to wager. You can wager for as low as Rs. 100 to as much as Rs. 5,000.

Click on the field you wish to place your bet on, and a casino chip will be placed on that field.

Start the roulette wheel by clicking the “spin” button.

Wait for the ball to settle inside the slot to know if you won or lost.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is roulette legal in India?

Online casino games are legal in India, but some states prohibit gambling in any form. Therefore, it is essential to know your state’s laws and regulations before playing any casino games in online or traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

How much money do you need to start playing roulette?

You don’t need to have a lot of money to start playing roulette. Many roulette variations can be played with a low stake. You can play roulette with as little as Rs. 100.

What online casinos have roulette?

You can play roulette at the leading online casinos such as LeoVegas, Casumo, and 22Bet, to name a few. Every casino has its set of roulette variations and rules. Besides knowing the basics, it is also essential to know the different roulette variations to maximize your chances of winning.

22Bet Casino has the biggest selection of roulette tables.

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What is the best online roulette casino in India?

Finding out which one is the best can be quite challenging and daunting as each casino has its own set of rules and terms, including bonuses and rewards. It would be best if you are going to try different roulette variations to find out which one is the best for you. For a vast selection of roulette tables, feel free to visit 22Bet Casino. It has over 100 different roulette tables, which is the best selection in casinos in India.

Can you win cash from playing roulette?

Absolutely. You place your bet using real money, and when you win, you’ll get a small yet steady return. The amount of money you make will depend on the amount you bet. It would be best if you also kept in mind that casino games based on chance or luck should not be used to make money. It should be solely for fun and entertainment purposes.

How many wagers should you place?

There is no definite answer as to how many wagers should you place. It depends on your risk tolerance and budget. If you want to win big, you have to place your bet on a single number. You might also want to put your bet on 1 to 18 as it has the higher chances of winning, but the downfall is the small payout. When placing your bet, you have to look at your budget, risk tolerance, and goal – whether you want to win a small but consistent amount or go big.

Play online roulette in India

Do you want to experience how it feels like to play roulette in a real casino setting? If yes, then online roulette with a live dealer. You’ll be able to experience a real casino right in the comfort of home. In the live casino setting, you are playing against the live dealer. You’ll see the dealer dressed in an elegant dress or tuxedo and be able to communicate directly with the dealer. One of the casino sites that is excellent in delivering a live casino experience in the comfort of home is Royal Panda. Not to mention, it has the best live roulette tables in India.


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