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Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

All You Need To Know About The Best Cricket Betting Sites In India

No country in the world is as obsessed with cricket as India. With the rise of betting websites in India, it’s no wonder that online cricket betting has gained enormous popularity over the past decade. Gambling over popular sports has always been around, but recently this common trend has gone online because of the different online cricket betting sites.

The flickering enthusiasm for the game keeps the cricket betting scene so vibrant and alive among the fans. Various cricket tournaments and betting options have entered the scene making the wagering experience even more exciting for cricket fans. Therefore, many popular websites are offering wagering options for cricket. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before placing your first bet.

Top Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

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How To Choose The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites?

Before you begin betting online, it is important to look for good online cricket gambling websites. Several features need to be considered before putting your hard-earned money at stake. The best cricket betting sites are the ones having the following features:

✅ Safety And Reliability

Evaluation of the safety and privacy provided by the website is very important for a safe online cricket betting experience. Look for the different options available and make sure that the deposit options are safe enough.

To find out more about the website, go through the experiences of different people by reading the review about the website on different platforms and verify the bookie’s reputation and history.

✅ Betting Options

Ensure that the website offers options to bet on different types of cricket matches, including IPL, tournament, test matches, T20, etc. A website which only offers selective options to bet on is not only boring but also inconvenient for most bettors. Most online cricket betting sites offer a wide variety of options for optimum profit and entertainment.

✅ Bonuses And Offers

Does the website offer great bonuses and promotions? Most of the websites nowadays provide creative offers of different types. The reason why this is more popular nowadays is the increasing competition between the gambling websites, which makes them do things out of the box to attract more customers.

Compare the different bonuses and offers and choose the website which provides you the maximum chances of bagging the best bonus.

✅ Payment Options

While looking for an online cricket betting website, one of the first things you should pay attention to is the type of payment option available on the gambling website. Make sure the website allows you to make payments in Indian currency.

Many websites will allow you to pay through different online platforms like Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, AstroPay also through Bank transfers, debits, and credit cards like MasterCard and Visa.

Note that transactions through PayPal are not supported by gambling websites in India. Most cricket betting sites in India will also offer local payment options like PhonePe, GPay, etc.

✅ Customer support

What kind of customer support services are available on the website? A good cricket betting website should offer 24/7 customer service through various mediums like chat, telephone, email, etc. Most of the prominent online cricket gambling websites have an FAQ section with some of the most common queries listed.

This section can help you resolve your problems most of the time. If the problem persists or further problems arise, you should contact customer service without any hassle.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India

Online Cricket Betting Websites Overview

Now that we know about some of the important points which make a cricket betting website great let us look at our list of top cricket websites in India. Lots of features have been taken into account to curate the list given below.

  • A huge variety of cricket tournaments are available.
  • It offers lucrative promotional offers and bonuses.
  • The eminent cricket events like Big Bash, IPL, CPL, and T20 have the option for a free bet, making the best site to bet on cricket.
  • Domestic events are also available on this website.
  • It has many reliable online payment options.
  • A smoothly functioning app makes it very convenient for betting on the go.
  • It offers a smooth and unique UI that helps you to navigate the site easily.
  • Free bet of Rs. 500 is available every week. It offers a great welcome bonus of up to Rs. 10,000.
  • The website offers higher odds on the most popular cricket matches.
  • It has many accumulator outcomes that you can wager on like the highest score, the runs of the next over, the first ball of the match, etc.
  • It has several convenient payment methods like UPI, Paytm, GPay, and PhonePe, which attract cricket bettors in India.
  • 10% cashback is offered in-play bets for BBL. Some of the popular options are match winner boundary; total runs in an over, etc.
  • It offers a welcome bonus of Rs. 1,000 and a free bet of Rs. 3,000.
  • The site offers a 100% welcome bonus.
  • It has the largest number of betting options for cricket.
  • As it supports many of the Indian payment systems, it’s convenient for most gamblers.
  • It also offers accumulator bets for cricket events.
  • The website has been in the industry for around 20 years, making it one of the most reliable and trustworthy cricket betting websites.
  • It has great sports betting market with an enormous range of cricket betting options.
  • For matches where live streaming is not available, they have audio commentary to keep you informed and entertained.
  • You can bet on multiple options for T20 matches, including the top five teams, player of the tournament, the cricket team with the highest innings, etc.
  • The betting site provides a wide range of betting options for most famous cricket events, including international tests, ODI, T20, Big Bash, Super Smash, and IPL.
  • The players can view four sporting events simultaneously on a single page through the live multi-page option.
  • Accumulator outcomes are available with enhanced odds.
  • One of the most popular betting websites in India, Royal Panda, offers lots of betting options on eminent cricket tournaments.
  • The website has a lot of features and offers most of the famous pre-match markets.
  • It offers great bonuses for international matches, and you can get a daily free bet of Rs.500 rupees for IPL and about Rs. 2000 cashback for in-play and pre-match bets on BBL events.

Cricket Betting Markets

Betting markets are the type of betting options available for online wagering. Several options are available on online cricket betting sites. The primary types are Live betting and pre-match betting. You can already understand the meaning of these from the name. However, there are a lot of other subcategories and options to bet on. These are as follows:

  1. Toss Winner
    The toss is an exciting event of chance in the game of Cricket which often creates a lot of excitement among the audience. It is risky to bet on, but the prices can be lucrative.
  2. Winner Of The Match
    It is a common stake offered by cricket betting sites in India. You just have to bet on which team will win the cricket match. There is generally a two-way result in the T20 and One Day formats. However, in the Test series, a draw is taken into account. Sometimes, you might wait for several days for a match to end and yet end up with a draw.
    Suppose, for example, one can predict who would win the IPL amongst the top teams, CSK and Mumbai Indians. A draw may be possible to wager on for other events, like the Ashes Test match between Australia and England. The winner of the match can have two types of betting options:
    Winner 2-way: You may bet on your home team or your away team, so you have only two options.
    Winner 3-way:In this, you have the possibility of choosing a tie option as well, apart from the home and away team.
  3.  Next Out
    Perhaps the most complex options open to bettors is wagering on the type of wicket in cricket. There are different possibilities for falling of a wicket, including catch out, bowled, LBW, run-out, or stumped. The possibilities for each event might alter considerably based on the circumstances of the match.
    Typically, a catch-out is the ideal option, as it is the most customary. This might be an appealing choice even at lower odds, if India’s batsmen are playing well in a T20 game. If you experience the ball starting to spin in a Test, though, choosing LBW at higher odds may be a better option.
  4. Man of the Match
    At the end of every cricket match, one player is awarded the ‘man of the match. Betting on this can come with risks, but you should be aware of the form and skills of the players to place a thoughtful bet on this.
  5. Runs in First X number of Over
    You can wager how many runs will be scored in the first certain number of overs by a team.

Best Events To Bet On

There are no limits to how much you may bet on cricket online. You may wager on nearly any game for which the odds are available on the internet. Cricket betting has reached new dimensions because of the best cricket betting sites that provide quick and easy access to major thrilling cricket events and series. One may wager on cricket matches and tournaments from anywhere in the world. Some of the most popular events on cricket betting websites are:

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup
    Is there any cricket lover who isn’t aware of the Cricket World Cup? There is no doubt that it is the most enthralling cricket tournament in the whole world. Every four years, the ICC ( International Cricket Council) World Cup is held, with ten nations competing. Each nation goes through qualifying rounds over five to six years.
  2. ICC Champions Trophy
    The ICC Champions Trophy, often known as the mini Cricket World Cup, is the second most famous competition globally.
  3. T20 World Cup
    Arguably the event in cricket with the most sixes, T20 tournaments are absolutely exciting with many twists. Fans of cricket from all around the globe are often delighted to watch this fun game.
  4. Ashes Series
    As if the many sorts of World Cup events weren’t enough, the Ashes Series pits two nations and two continents, England and Australia, against one another. Even the people who are not citizens of either of these nations will undoubtedly be interested in betting on the Ashes series.
  5. Indian Premier League
    The Indian Premier League (IPL) is India’s most well-known sporting event. When it comes to public engagement in India, the IPL can rival any famous cricket world cup event. All of the world’s greatest players would compete in the exciting T20 tournament.
  6. Asia Cup
    Even though it might be an exaggeration to claim that the Asia Cup is an extremely well-known event, it is still a great opportunity for Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and others to assess their existing form while also getting a chance to claim the Asia Cup.
  7. Test Matches
    This is the most prestigious cricket series in the world. These high-level cricket events are extremely intense, making them ideal for betting.

Tips For Safe Betting

Follow the cricket betting tips given below for a safe online betting experience on cricket betting sites:

  • Choose a trustworthy website. We have already given you tips on how to identify genuine cricket betting sites.
  • Think with your mind and do not allow your passion to take over your cognitive thinking ability. Make unbiased decisions based on facts.
  • Research properly about the game, the teams, the players—how they performed in the last matches and many other factors that can impact the results of the match. This can help you to make more smart bets.
  • Know about all the betting types and odds and only bet on the market you are well aware of. Visit the best cricket odds sites to learn about it. Do not take risks without calculations.
  • Do not fall into the trap of gambling while being drunk. Before betting, makes sure you are in the perfect state of mind to make the proper decisions.
  • Play for fun and not just for the money. Betting for the money can lead to unhealthy behaviors that can affect you emotionally and financially. So go for online cricket betting only when you want to do it for entertainment and avoid developing a betting addiction.

Cricket Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Most people wonder about this before starting online betting. This question usually arises because of the legal status of sports betting in India. Even though sports betting in India is not legal, no law in India can directly impact online sports betting because the law that governs gambling in India is extremely old. It was made during the times when there was no concept of the internet. Therefore, online cricket betting websites are legal in India.


Signing up on a cricket betting website is pretty simple, and all you need is an email account and a method of making online money transactions.


Yes, websites like 10Cric offer you to play using Indian currency. Several other websites allow you to play with your money as well, even though the currency is converted into the specific country's currency from which the website belongs.


There are many ways to deposit and withdraw money. Most people still use traditional methods like debit and credit cards which are very easy to use. However, you may have to use an e-wallet like EcoPayz or Neteller as some websites do not have the option of credit cards available. For example, cricket betting sites in France may allow Indian players, but the currency will be converted to francs.


The minimum amount required for placing a bet varies from website to website, but most websites will let you place a bet with a very minimal amount, as less as Rs. 500.


We hope you have understood all the details regarding online betting in India. The websites on the cricket sites list mentioned above have a great reputation and are extremely trustworthy. The great bonuses and offers provided by these websites are the cherries on top.

You should research on your own before investing in any online cricket betting sites. Research and learn more on cricket betting and start your online betting journey only after being confident about your knowledge. Follow the basic safety tips to avoid any unhealthy addiction.