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Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Watching a kabaddi match and thinking that this team will surely win and that team wins. Doesn’t that sound common to you? If so, you must try betting. Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports in India, which people enjoy watching and betting on kabaddi betting sites.

Betting has become an essential part of sports since the very beginning. Whenever someone plays a sport, there is also someone making a bet. The same thing happens when there is a Kabaddi match. Pro Kabaddi League came into existence back in the year 2014. In the same year, the fans of Kabaddi started their search for the best Kabaddi betting sites online.

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites

Here is a list of Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India:

If you are a beginner, you should join this site for betting. The site provides excellent customer service. Indian players can bet on the site with ease.

There is a big list of choices for kabaddi betting. The site allows you to deposit and withdraw money in Indian currencies. The site is getting promotions in a way that Indian players will feel comfortable.

Casumo is an easy-to-use platform for Kabaddi betting. You can trust this site while betting online.

Compared to other Kabaddi betting odds sites, Parimatch provides the best welcome bonus when you join the site. If you deposit up to INR 12000, you will get a 150% bonus. The site doesn’t charge much commission, which means you will get the maximum profit of your winning amount.

An account can be easily made on ComeOn. It is the simplest site for deposits and withdrawals as it allows you to deposit money using UPI and Indian NetBanking.

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting sites available for Kabaddi in the world. The site provides a feature known as betting exchange which allows users to give bets to other players.

LeoVegas is an amazing website for mobile kabaddi betting. The best feature of this site is diversity.

Melbet is the most recommended betting site for Kabaddi in India. The most interesting thing about this site is that it gives the main focus to Indian sports. Thus, you will feel valued on this site.

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Popularity Of Betting on Kabaddi

Millions of Kabaddi fans join the betting sites every season to place their bets on their favourite team. This makes us conclude that, although cricket remains the most favourite sport in India, Kabaddi has taken the second spot as the famous sport to place bets on. It is giving a tough competition to the popularity of the game football.

Betting on Kabaddi is sure to stay here for a long time. However, what is the reason you will like to place a bet on Kabaddi in the first place?

Reason to Place a Bet on Kabaddi

If you are a fan of Kabaddi, you know the game can become exciting to intense within a few minutes. If watching a Kabaddi match excites you, we encourage you to try placing a bet on Kabaddi, which will be more intense. Millions of people worldwide love to place a bet while watching Kabaddi live on the big screen.

If you are one of those who enjoy placing a bet on Kabaddi, then you must go through this article. We will cover all the trusted Kabaddi betting sites and explain how you can bet on Kabaddi.

Betting on Kabaddi: How to Get Started?

So, you want to know the tips and tricks of betting on Kabaddi. That sounds great. We are here to guide you.

Here is a step-to-step guide to getting started.

Step 1: Select And Join An Online Kabaddi Betting Site

Joining a Kabaddi betting site is the most important step to getting started with betting online. At this point in time, not many sites are available for betting on Kabaddi matches. The reason behind the lack of Kabaddi betting sites compared to other sports is that most betting sites are made by people living outside India.

Kabaddi is not known by the majority of people living in foreign countries. Since people in India have started building a platform for betting on Kabaddi, there is an increase in some websites. To guide you to get started, here we have listed some of the popular Kabaddi betting sites. You can make your selection based on the site which appeals to you.

Step 2: Create An Account And Deposit Money On The Kabaddi Site

On any betting site you join, you have to deposit some amount of money. The process will be different on every site. Every betting site has a payment method that differs from others. To make this process easier, we recommend you join the site that accepts payments through UPI or Paytm.

Most of the kabaddi betting odds sites are created in India. Thus, you will find the sites which allow deposits and withdrawals using an Indian payment method.

All new players get a welcome bonus when they join and make a deposit on a kabaddi site. However, the terms and conditions of every site differ; thus, choosing the best site can be time-consuming.

Step 3: Start Placing Bets On Kabaddi

Since you have created an account and deposited some money, now is the time to start placing bets.

How To Place A Bet On Kabaddi?

If you know the rules of Kabaddi, then it will be simple for you to place bets. However, if you don’t know the rules of Kabaddi, then first you should learn the rules. Without the knowledge of the rules, you won’t be able to make a successful bet.

Considering you know the rules, you can now place your first bet. Every site has a slightly different process of placing a bet. However, the following steps will guide you in placing your first bet:

  • Log into your account.
  • Move to the sportsbook.
  • Select the sport. In the list of sports, you will find Kabaddi.
  • Select the league. There will be a list of different leagues. For instance, click on Pro Kabaddi League.
  • Select a match. There will be a list of matches to choose from. For instance, click on Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls.
  • Adjust the money you want to wager in your bet slip.
  • Click on confirm once you are satisfied with your bet.

That’s all. Your bet is active. The amount of money you put on this bet will be deducted from your balance.

Options for Kabaddi Betting

If you have ever bet on a cricket match, you will find that betting on kabaddi is a bit different. Unlike cricket, in kabaddi, there are no runs. The winner of the kabaddi match is selected based on the number of points and tags.

One way you can place a bet is how many tags a particular team will get in a match. However, it is tough to predict how many tags a team will accumulate, so the chances of losing are high.

Another way you can place a bet is by predicting which player will get the maximum raiding points and which one will get maximum defence points, and so on. Definitely, like other sports, you can place bets on the winner of the match and man of the match.

Pro Kabaddi Betting

Pro Kabaddi League was started in India back in the year 2014. The players are from different countries around the world. New teams were introduced in the year 2017. People, who were unaware of the sport a few years back, are now passionately watching the game and placing bets on players.

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who watch Pro Kabaddi League on TV. Kabaddi has not become as popular as Cricket but also gained more viewership than badminton and wrestling.

After cricket, Pro Kabaddi League is the most-watched sport in India. Since Bollywood celebrities promoted the sport on TV channels, the audience started watching the sport with more excitement.

How To Find The Best Kabaddi Site?

Some factors you need to consider while choosing the best kabaddi site:

  1. Easy Registration
    Your time is precious. If a site takes too much of your time for signing you up, that site surely won’t be a good option. There are a lot of websites which will welcome you to try your luck. You should sign-up on the site, which has an easy registration process.For signing you up, the site should only ask your username, your real name, date of birth, password, and preferences. It should not take more than 10 minutes.
  2. Promotions and Welcome Bonuses
    Before signing up on a betting site, you must think about the return on investment. The welcome bonus will most likely inform you which site will give you more ROI. There is huge competition among betting sites in India.
  3. Commission
    Like most gambling sites, the betting sites will also charge a commission for providing you with the convenience to place a bet on the sport and earn with other users. A small amount as a commission is acceptable. However, if the site charges a lot of money, then consider choosing another site.Other than the registration fee, the site will deduct some per cent of your winning amount. The commission they charge will determine the amount you are going to get in the end.When you have narrowed down your search, compare the sites based on the commission they are charge. Choose the site that doesn’t deduct a huge percentage of the amount you win. This step is necessary as it will determine how much profit you make.
  4. Live Betting
    Live betting is a great way to making a successful bet on kabaddi. It is a function provided by many betting sites. In kabaddi, things can change very quickly, and once you know that you betted on the wrong team, that can surely be disappointing.You must be able to bet according to the current situation of the match. You can’t rely on the sites providing you to bet only before the game begins. With live betting options, you can easily earn extra money at the very crucial moments of the game. You don’t have to watch the match on TV for long hours during the match because of this feature.
  5. Live Streaming
    In some betting sites, you will find live streaming of the match on a small screen. It allows players to place bets while the game is live. The players get updates about the game regularly, which helps them to plan out an effective strategy. However, there are some legal restrictions related to the kabaddi matches, which make it difficult for the sites to stream live matches. This is because companies own the rights of the matches being telecasted on TV, and they don’t want to sell the rights to the site owners.
  6. Mobile Betting
    People spend more hours in front of their smartphones than laptops or computers. Every site has to provide more convenience to smartphone users. With betting apps, you can place bets from anywhere and anytime. You should choose a properly optimised site for mobile users because you should be able to place your bets while travelling.
  7. Accepts Indian Currencies
    When you are betting from India, you will not like to go through currency conversion. When you choose a site that accepts money in Indian currencies, it saves a lot of your time. Thus, before considering a site to sign-up, check out which currencies it accepts.


It is safe to conclude that the popularity of Kabaddi betting sites will only increase in the coming years. There is already a huge fan base of the fascinating sport all over the world.

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